Lightning Bolt Flashes of Coming Glory


The Wedding is Ready


This morning I was reflecting on my time with Maki last night and we searched Glory Knowledge Website for a writing done years ago about what he was so passionate about.   Scrolling down I found the next writing was this one.  It was so spot on with Maki I had to share it with you all!

Matthew 22 King James Version (KJV)

22 And Jesus answered and spake unto them again by parables, and said,

The Taste of Honey

Well Torah Fans,

Here it is!  The Ol’ 1934 Philco Cathedral Radio with a spoonful of honey to make the medicine go down.  The Medicine Go Down!

We’ll be looking to do a few test broadcasts while we get the radio-Spreaker portion, and the A/V-LiveStream portion up and running.  It looks like we’ll be able to simulcast radio/A/V in parallel!  We’ve still not got the XAir18 up on-line so we’ll be working on that and auditioning all our Heil, Rode and Sennheiser microphones.

Aidan get’s Groovy in the Garden

My 4 year old grandson Aidan was with his MawMaw in the Tractor Supply Store when he found this and told her he wanted to get it for Paepaws Garden!    Thank You Mighty One, Faithful and True for the words of babes that confirm the revelation raining down in preparation of the Coming Glory!  Amen!


This is the fenced in Garden Area of the Property we are trying to purchase in order to move back to Louisiana.

The Yellow Submarine Vision

This week my loving bride flew back to our home in Louisiana.  After I dropped her off at Sky Harbor Airport I found a place and finally got the windows tinted!  I really like the tinted windows, I should have done it a long time ago.  After that I found a car wash and they were able to get all the Ol’ Hensel Phelps Goobers off The Yellow Submarine!    …

The Glory Studio & Back On-Line

Well Mighty Friends,

After several thousand miles, 4 1/2 months and lots of in and out of boxes we have The Glory Studio up and running about 50%!  We are working towards getting everything setup again for the roll out on the 30th.   We also have 4 other editing projects we’re working on,  1. Shofar International - Shofar 101, 102 & 103 plus How to get your child trained up too!  …

Spreaker Broadcaster Account



With The Glory Studio finally getting moved from California and put back together in Arizona, we have decided to upgrade our Spreaker account from DJ, 45 minute max Broadcast time TO: Broadcaster, 3 hour max account with lots more on-line storage!  

So you would really rather do a Radio Show than a LIVESTREAM Video Show?  Me too!


Booming Thunder Radio - Coming back On-Line!

Welcome Back Mighty Friends!  To the Show that will Never 

We’ve heard Loud & Clear!  It’s time to get the old radio up and running again.  We’ll be using the Ol’ 1934 Philco Cathedral Radio photo above as the basis’s of the New Booming Thunder Radio Logo for 2017!   Look for another post soon when we complete the new logo. 

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