The Glory Studio & Back On-Line

Well Mighty Friends,

After several thousand miles, 4 1/2 months and lots of in and out of boxes we have The Glory Studio up and running about 50%!  We are working towards getting everything setup again for the roll out on the 30th.   We also have 4 other editing projects we’re working on,  1. Shofar International - Shofar 101, 102 & 103 plus How to get your child trained up too!  2.  The 5777 Passover Event @ Maki’s Glory House   3. Refinement of the Video Conference for the startup of Goshen Farm and Gardens  4. Re-formating and posting for sharing the Miracle Valley Today VHS recording of the Good Ol’ Days when AA Allen was running things.  Ya’ll be patient a bit longer.  Thank You for Your Support!

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