The Magical Mystery Tour 2017-2018

Elijah's Raven in Flight

You Will Know the End from the Beginning of YHVH’s Music!

Sing this to Him! Radiate Everything You Are - Mighty, Faithful One & True 

The Magical Mystery Tour 2017-2018
This Checklist for getting Your Golden Ticket is:


Thank You for Your Prayers & Support as We continue The Work Developing this List along with the creation of YHVH’s Music with Songs to make things better. better better better better better better Ooohhh!!!

US Release Dates - Chronological Order


02/25/63 - Please Please Me--2:00 & Ask Me Why—2:24

05/27/63 - From Me to You—1:49 & Thank You Girl—2:01

07/22/63 - 1LP - Introducing The Beatles
                              Side One       ~       I Saw Her Standing There—2:50
                                                                Anna (Go to Him)—2:56—w/Others
                                                                Love Me Do—2:19
                               Side Two      ~       P.S. I Love You—2:02
                                                                Baby, It’s You—2:36—w/Others
                                                                Do You Want to Know a Secret—1:55
                                                                A Taste of Honey—2:02—w/Others
                                                                There’s a Place—1:44
                                                                Twist and Shout—2:32—w/Others

9/16/63 - She Love You—2:18 & I’ll Get You—2:04


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