Glory Knowledge Countdown Clock

… then 10 Days to Yom Kippur ? - The Transfiguration of The  Anointed Ones Mind into the Glory that is to Come!

but what’s Yom Teruah?

… will You still need Me? … will You still feed Me? … when I’m 64?  … it came on day 54 …….

  There will be Twisting & Gnashing of Teeth.  Is that a good thing?


We have come to Make “The Way” Straight and to Restore ALL Things!

Listen to This Message from The Raven!

Ain’t Wast’in Time No’Mo!   Do You Hear the Pouring Rain?

Brother, Truly I tell you, the Coming Glory is unlike anything that has ever been or ever will be again.  Our time together in His Garden, a time I give Thanks NOW for YOU to receive, will Manifest The Kingdom of Heaven inside.  

Truly Brother I tell you, His Garden is revealed in the twinkling of an Eye by the Renewing of Your Mind.  Yea, the unveiling of The Tabernacle of Your Mind.


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