The Beatles Jubilee Year Reflections & Ripples



We heard the release for the next song about a week ago.  I sent word to Seth.  Still no word from our brother.   I release the next song to Seth,  Revelation.  I hope you all enjoy the Blood found upon the letters.

Also, The ARK of the Covenant - found deep within the Pi symbol - gives revelation toward Mt. Sinah &  The Ten Commandments.  …

Hey Jude




We heard the Raven outside in the misty morning light.  We couldn’t see him but we could here the roaring grumbles of His Cry.  We came back inside, inspired with things the Ruach brought to our remembrance.

Hey Jude was the song given We gave to The Mighty Friends that they would seek out and give it to Seth when we were up in NJ revealing The Good Things to Come.  

First Post


Shalom Torah Fans!

The music keeps coming out of us so we decided to write it all down here as the revelations come.  We give thanks to the Creator of All for all the good things he has prepared for those that love him.  Let us look at the past years and song release dates and pour out everything the Ruach reveals to us.   …

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